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Vinh Hung joined in the 269 billion VND project of repairing Thang Long Bridge (Hanoi)

11/08/2020 17:18:01
The project of repairing Thang Long bridge was commenced in August 2020. It will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020. The total investment is estimated at about 269 billion VND. The project is expected to bring a new look to the bridge’s surface, increase longevity of the bridge and ensure safety and convenience for vehicles.

Constructed in 1974 and completed in mid-1985, Thang Long Bridge is a work that epitomized the Vietnam-Soviet friendship. Along with Nhat Tan and Vinh Thinh bridges, Thang Long Bridge is a key project connecting the capital Hanoi with the northern provinces. The bridge has two floors including upper floor which has 4 lanes for cars; lower floor for train and rudimentary vehicles.

The project has a complex structure. The bridge has suffered from a high load of vehicles increasing on the bridge, along with a load of trains,... After more than 20 years of use, Thang Long bridge's surface has been damaged. The adhesion between the asphalt concrete and the waterproofing layer on the steel plate were reduced. It caused slip, created multiple cracks, pushed and clumped concrete on the surface. Despite 2 big repairs and regular maintenances, degradation is frequent.

After 2 years of research, the overall repair plan for Thang Long bridge’s surface of Road Administration Department has been approved by the Ministry of Transport. Vinh Hung is honored to become the contractor to construct many important items such as repairing, replacing expansion joints, guardrails system; cleaning surface; painting to protect steel structures; ... Hopefully, after many efforts of both investors and contractors, Thang Long bridge will have a new surface. It will be sustainable to always be a typical bridge of Hanoi.