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About us

About us


Established in 2006, Vinh Hung Trading, Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company (Vinh Hung) has become a leader in supplying products and technological solutions for transportation and industrial construction.
Vinh Hung sale’s network spreads throughout the country with the Head office based in Ha Noi, the Branch located in Ho Chi Minh city and the Representative office located in Da Nang. Above all, the establishment of Vinh Hung Investment and Production Co., Ltd (Vinh Hung IP) and Vinh Hung Engineering and Construction Joint Stock Company (Vinh Hung EC) have played an important role in creating competitive advantages of Vinh Hung brand name, contributing to ensuring sustainable development of the Company on three fields: “Trading, Manufacturing, and Construction”.
Trading field: Aside from importing products from developed countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland …we also distribute the products manufactured by Vinh Hung IP with high quality, competitive price, and shortened delivery time.
Manufacturing field: Found in 2016, Vinh Hung IP is the first factory in Vietnam which is capable of manufacturing bridge bearings, expansion joints, pre-stressed anchorages, bridge handrails, noise barriers, and other metal structures for transportation and civil engineering constructions. Our factory has been equipped with advanced facilities and strict manufacturing procedures regulated by ISO 9001: 2015 standards.
Construction field: Vinh Hung E&C has developed comprehensively in 3 areas: materials supply and civil/industrial construction; new and repair work for transportation; waterproofing transportation and civil constructions.
Aiming for a stable and sustainable business system to bring true values to our customers, shareholders, employees, and society, we have been building and maintaining the company culture based on the criteria "Quality - Solidarity - Discipline - Respect for the individual - Responsibility".
We look forward to gaining even more trust from partners such as administrative authorities, customers, suppliers, etc. to jointly build the country of Vietnam with modern transportation infrastructure, civil and industrial buildings for a better life of the community.
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Vision & Mission



To become the leading company in Vietnam specializing in providing materials, solutions and technology in transportation, civil and industrial construction, that sustainably grows in three key areas "Trading - Manufaturing - Construction". We aim to promote the localizational rate of our products and to export products manufactured by our company.


Contribute to the image and position of our country by supplying high-tech materials and solutions for key transportation and infrastructure projects in Vietnam.


The Quality of our company products, services and behavior focusing on meeting the demands of customers is our top objective and is always considered as competitive advantage.

Solidarity means all Vinh Hung personnel are a unity working for a common goal of developing the Company and improving the living standard of each individual in the organization and taking it as a motto.

Discipline means all employees in the organization shall comply with regulations set by Board of Director or managers. This is the fulcrum for all activities of the Company.

Respect for individual means each individual in the organization is respected, encouraged and have the right to express their personal opinions. This creates the diversity in the creation and promotion of their works.

Responsibilty means all employees in the organization shall actively fulfill their assigned tasks and take all responsibilty for every result related to their works. This is the solid foundation for all the activities of the Company.

Company history

Company history