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Steel strip - seal expansion joint

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There are 2 main types of VHR expansion joint identified by the cross section of the steel rails:

- VHR-C steel rail expansion joint and

- VHR-F steel rail expansion joint.


VHR expansion joint is composed of two steel rails with anchor bars connected to the starter bars in deck slab or in headwall of abutment, elastomeric strip serves as the drainage trough and prevent dusts and debris. Nosing materials: non-shrink mortar or non-shrink concrete with minimum compressive strength of 40MPa.

Steel rails can be designed suitably with curb and median strip structure.

To ensure the long-life durability, VHR steel strip expansion joints are protected against corrosion by the following methods: two-component Epoxy coat, PU-based painting (Polyurethane), hot dip galvanization according to ASTM A123 standard and especially the Al – Mg spraying method (at the ratio of 95% Al and 5% Mg) which ensure the anti-corrosion durability of up to 100 years, proven by salt-spraying test in 6000 hours (8-hour dry-wet cycle repetition) according to ASTM B117 standard.