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Rockfall system

Rockfall barrier

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Rockfall barrier


The fully-installed rockfall barriers will include anchor posts, footing plates, panel mesh, brakes, cables, clips and soil anchors (for typical soil surface). Under limited space conditions, the system can be suitable and easily installed by experienced contractors who are good at drilling. The works on the rock surface will be conducted through hanging cables. The maintenance works for the barriers after they are impacted are very simple, which includes the removal of intercepted rock debris or tree branches, replacement of brakes and tests on the working performance of other items. Maccaferri have carried out full-scale tests on rockfall barriers in accordance to very strict international standards and the results have proved that the rockfall barriers can be applied to perfectly protect most of road infrastructures, railroads, buildings, mine haul-roads where the hazards of rockfall and occurrence of rockfall are available.

Fig. 4: Maintenance after rock fall                    Fig. 5: Installation of rockfall barrier


The Aluminum braking unit of the energy absorption part is durable, easy for checking and repairing (for small impact) and replacement (for big impact)

Fig. 6: Test on energy dissipating device

  • The rockfall barrier are supplied in the kit which offers ease for shipment and installation
  • The barriers are tested and certified in accordance with ISO international standards

Fig. 7: Test on punching force

  • Easy for checking and maintenance
  •  Be economical in case the similar products cannot be used.