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Noise barrier wall

Reflective noise barrier

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Using the good noise insulation materials like Polycarbonate panels (PC), Poly methyl methacrylate panels (PMMA), glass laminate with high strength and weather resistance.

Profiled aluminum material (Profile) is produced with different sizes (according to design) and complies with ISO 6362 standard

Structure of supporting columns and connecting details: Usually used from H-shaped steel such as H100, H125, H150.., depending on the structural conditions of each type of noise barrier.

The transparent noise barrier is often used in places where aesthetic requirements are considered such as residential areas, railways, apartment buildings.

Sound reflective standards: Transmission loss coefficient – TL will measure the amount of sound energy hitting on or transmitted through the barrier.

For the reflective noise barrier, the TL coefficient is >25 dB at 500HZ and >30 dB at 1000HZ (according to KS F4770 standard).