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POD Bearing

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POD bridge bearings are devided into 2 main types: fixed POD bearing and sliding POD bearing.

- Fixed POD bearing: The bearing only allows the head of structure to have rotary movement and transfers the pressure through a fixed point.

- Sliding POD bearing (including both guided sliding bearing and free sliding bearing) allows the head of structure to have both rotary movements and transversally or multi-directional movements.


Guided POD bearing

1- Upper plate; 2- Stainless steel plate; 3-PTFE plate; 4- Guiding bar; 5-Piston; 6- Polyurethane disc; 7-Bottom plate; 8 - Anchor dowel.

To ensure the long-life durability, POD bearings are protected against corrosion by the following methods: two-component Epoxy coat, PU-based painting (Polyurethane), hot dip galvanization according to ASTM A123 standard and especially the Al – Mg spraying method (at the ratio of 95% Al and 5% Mg) which ensure the anti-corrosion durability of up to 100 years, proven by salt-spraying test in 6000 hours (8-hour dry-wet cycle repetition) according to ASTM B117 standard.