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Vinh Hung organized the Mid-Autumn Festival event for the children of staff

02/10/2020 09:48:03
On the morning of September 27th, 2020, Vinh Hung organized the event "Vinh Hung Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” for staff’s children

This is an opportunity for the children to have fun and experience a traditional mid-autumn day.

The organizers have prepared a lot of colorful, interesting performances for the children.

Uncle Cuoi and Ms. Hang – 2 typical characters of the Mid-Autumn Festival took the leading role throughout the show. With witty and graceful directions, the two MCs stirred the atmosphere and aroused the audience's curiosity with each performance.


The children showed excitement when watching the Lion Dance performance

The Monkey Circus show brought a new atmosphere to the show. Children are attracted by the mischievous and interesting tricks that the smart monkey performs on the stage. Many children were very brave, they ready to go on stage to interact with the monkey.

The magic show brought a lot of curiosity

In particular, the children in Vinh Hung were all very talented. Children spent a lot of effort practicing and confidently mastering the stage to bring to everyone exciting and attractive performances.

Zumba dance performance by brothers Trinh Quang Huy - Trinh Thu Ha

Cover dance performance of Ha Ngoc and Minh Anh

Your singing repertoire of Vu Phuong Ha

The entrance area is decorated like an old country market with objects such as bamboo stacks, water storage, optical burden, straw pile, ... and many traditional cuisines: hemp cakes, sticky rice cakes, donuts, boiled corn ... The Organizing Committee wanted the children to have many memorable memories and experience the mid-autumn childhood of the older generation.


The "Vinh Hung Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" event will always be a memorable childhood memory for the children attending. Sincerely thank the enthusiastic participation from the staff as well as the children, who did not mind the rain and wind to be present at the event. This will be the driving force for the Company to organize more meaningful and quality programs in the future.