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The inauguration ceremony of The Ring road no. 2 through Truong Chinh

10/11/2020 14:17:07
The 2 km of the ring road no.2, the section passing Truong Chinh Street, is open to traffic for running at a speed of 80 km/h

On the morning of November 9th, the Hanoi City Department of Transportation opened the viaduct route from Nga Tu So to Nga Tu Vong (along Truong Chinh Street), nearly 2 km long. This bridge section is part of The Ring Road No.2 project, 5 km long from the intersection of Nga Tu So to the southern contiguous point of Vinh Tuy Bridge.

Starting in April 2018, the segment running through Truong Chinh Street has now been completed and opened to traffic to relieve traffic pressure.

Only cars are allowed on the road. Motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians are prohibited. In order to adjust traffic conveniently, the Hanoi City Department of Transportation piloted the following: It is forbidden to turn left from Tay Son street at the intersection of Nga Tu So intersection. Instead, vehicles from Tay Son Street could either go straight or turn right onto Lang Street and then turn around at the opening of the median. From there, the vehicles can go straight to Truong Chinh Street or turn right to Nguyen Trai. The Department adjusts the service signal light cycle at both ends of the bridge (21 seconds / green phase) to suit the amount of traffic passing through the bridge.

Access points for the viaducts are 7 m wide on each side, lane marking is not allowed. The leader of the Traffic Police No.3 team said that in the first morning of traffic open, the immediate pilot plan shows positive results, no prolonged congestion. However, the traffic police will have to continue to record and adjust for more appropriation.

In the morning of the same day of traffic, many people riding motorbikes and bicycles made the mistake of entering viaducts

The ring road no.2 is designed with two car lanes on each side, going along the Truong Chinh road, so there are many curves.

The expansion joints on the two sides of the bridge are designed with flat, interlocking steel plates, passing vehicles do not make much noise.

Drain grooves on both sides of the road are designed with steel plates, which can be lifted to remove trash when needed.

Unlike the Ring Road No.3, the Ring Road No.2 is designed with a noise barrier system that is more than one meter high on both sides, combined with a steel divider. This is a product manufactured and constructed by Vinh Hung Trading, Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company to help reduce the noise volume affects the surrounding area and brings high aesthetics.

The Ring Road No.2 project at Nga Tu Vong - Vinh Tuy intersection is implemented in the form of public-private partnership (PPP), build-transfer contract (BT). Total investment capital is more than 9,400 billion VND, of which about 4,000 billion VND spent on clearance, construction cost is 3,000 billion VND and other expenses.

At the beginning of the intersection of Nga Tu So during the rush hour, traffic is congested for a few tens of meters, vehicles stop waiting for 3-4 lights to pass. When the rush hour is over, the vehicle can pass normally.

The second part of the project is more than 3 km long, the first point connects with Vinh Tuy bridge, the endpoint connects with the intersection of Nga Tu Vong. The median strip of 4 m wide will be used as the place to locate the ring road No.2.

Once completed, the Minh Khai route will be widened from 53.5 to 63.5 m with 6 motorized lanes, 2 rudimentary lanes, and the sidewalk is 4-6 m on each side.

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