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Vinh Hung holds International Women\'s Day 8.3

27/06/2018 11:06:58
Vinh Hung holds International Women's Day 8.3

Annually, on the occasion of the International Women's 8.3, Vinhhung organizes programs for women with attractive contents and the best emotions.

"I'm for love" is the theme of this year from the men for women.

Inspired by this romantic slogan, on March 8th the men seem not the ones of yesterday but very different.

That was the difference from the cored pink with love symbol, difference from the way the females were given flowers. And the biggest difference came from the sweet love letter were revealed for the first time, when the name of each beauty was mentioned along with secrets to melt the hearts of the people. Thank you guys for making us feel really loved

Flowers, cards and vibrant lauhghters

The ordinary male colleagues suddenly become the "strangers" today. They are singers, musicians, dancers and rappers that each performance presents thanks and respects to the women around them. There won’t be such amazing images without sincerity and love.

The male colleagues' performances

The show ended in laughter, the joy of every body. We believe that the attentions and emotions the men devote to women will always fill up and remain forever in our heart the beautiful memories of a memorable 8/3.

Wishing the ladies of Vinh Hung will be fresh, vibrant and vivid every day, not only 8/3

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