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27/08/2018 00:19:11
On 08/25/2018, the General Director, Head of the 5S Vinh JSC officially launched the 5S implementation program in the whole company with the slogan "Vinh Hung leads to the neatness - 5S background is the solid stand-out"

The 5S concept is the first letters of the words derived from the Japanese words "Seiri - Seiton - Seiso - Seiketsu - Shitsuke" and translated into Vietnamese as "Screening - Sorting - Cleaning - Caring - Readying".

At the launching ceremony, the head of 5S emphasized the goal during this time is the successful implementation of the first 3S is the filter - Sort - Clean, and the most practical benefits when done well 5S Company:

- 5S helps create a comfortable working environment for all positions;

- 5S helps minimize / eliminate wastage at work stages in a process such as shortening shipping time, finding time, avoiding human error and so much more.

- 5S minimizes operating costs and enhances competitive advantage

- Awareness of working for the collective benefit is well understood and enhanced; strengthening the solidarity between the leaders/employees and between employees themselves.

- Encouraging creativity and innovation of employees through 5S;

- Creating, strengthening and enhancing the professional image of the company.

Also at the ceremony, representatives of the head of VH’s Departments commited to implement the 5S movement to improve labor productivity, improve conditions, environment and quality in the workplace.

Right after the launching ceremony, all staffs of the company implement 3S at their units/departments. At the end of day, the 5S board conducts a checking the performance of each individual and unit. The ceremony received the consensus, good feedbacks from the Board of Directors and all staffs of the Company.

With enthusiasm, wisdom and youth, Vinh Hung's employees determine to apply successfully 5S in the company with the aim of raising voluntary awareness and self-awareness in implementing corporative culture. The 5S program will create a change in the working culture of all employees in the company: changing the way of thinking and working habits, demanding responsibility of each employee. The program is also good for contributing to create consolidation and raise the professional level of the Company.

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