Vĩnh Hưng chú trọng đầu tư nâng cao năng lực đội ngũ cá - Vinh Hung JSC



07/08/2019 16:50:50
Not only investing in improving professional skills for personnel, Vinhhung regularly pay much attention to promoting soft skills for leadership and potential staff.

On August 1st, 2019 there are 40 people including leadership, management team and potential staff participating in the training course “Application of mind science- Management of Enterprise energy”

Through the course, participants understand the importance of energy affecting to Physicality- Mind- Emotion- Spirit - as the basis to help leaders manage their stress effectively, while exploring internal power positive self-control to manage any changes, incidences and crisis in management job.

The course brings emotional experiences, new explorations on spiritual value, energy when applied in life, especially the leadership theory from heart. Both leaders and management team join all practical activities joyfully and positively.

The training course helps Leaders board and management team to enhance the spiritual connection reflecting the cultural identity of Vinhhung: solidarity, positivity and abundant energy.

Apart from the moments of experiencing spiritual value, all the participants take a chance to work in teams on the topics related to the vision, developing orientation, future plans for Vinhhung Company.

The outputs of teamwork are presented and shared by senior leaders board then commented and defended by others. The course doesn’t end until 22.30pm, however participants’ spirits and energy stay exciting and interesting.

The training course brings a lot of good feedbacks about leadership knowledge, application from energy management and amazing experiences about sincere sharing of each participant. All have contributed to linking the spirit of the leadership team of Vinh Hung, helping to enhance management capacity and skills, to fulfill the overall goals of the company in this year and the upcoming years.