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25/07/2018 16:13:05
Dear brothers / sisters!

The Vacation program "Vinh Hung – Moving to Breakthrough" took place successfully in Quang Binh, the sunny and friendly place, we had a precious memory on the last weekend.

We had a beautiful and meaningful time. On the first day, all the members of Vinh Hung JSC made the excitement of Quang Binh beach with comfortable moments, full of laught and solidarity along with

It was the Gala Dinner that exploded with "home-made" elaborate, monumental, emotional by different kinds of entertainment.

It's also the morning with games such as Zipline, Kayak racing in Song Chay’s Dark Cave and then the company’s traditional soccer match with the World Cup atmosphere.

Looking back at the process of almost a month of preparation, we immersed in the emotions from what we experienced together. In the midst of busy working days, all the members of Vinh Hung JSC take advantage of every minute of their precious time to prepare for the program: the sunny summer days, the late afternoon or the weekends staying late in the office to together discuss about ideas and practices. The pressure therefore put on shoulders when everyone wanted to both work and prepare for the vacation effectively.

All of the mentioned efforts was rewarded when we burst into the gale of “Gala Dinner” night. The cheering laughters, the crisp applause, the praise, the moments that we forgot tiresome feeling to live in the music together, the sincere sharing from the leadership ... are the most-treasured trophy, the great rewards for our dedications.

On behalf of the program planners, the Organizers Team would like to thank the Board of Directors for their great condition: budget, spirit and time to make such a meaningful event.

Thanks to the 4 teams have dedicated the unique and impressive perfomances in the “Gala dinner” Night and their enthusiastic participation to the teambuilding activities.

Thanks to all the members of Vinh Hung JSC, we could not have done the program "Vinh Hung - Moving to breakthrough" without you.

Finally, thank you to the brothers and sisters in the Organizers Team. Everybody's private work is busy, but they still spent a lot of time to do the preparing work contributing to connect Vinh Hung Community JSC.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Hopefully in the next activities, Organizers Team will always receive enthusiastic support from all of you.

                                                                             Organizers team of Summer Vocation 2018