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Instead of importing materials with expensive costs, many businesses build domestic factories, contributing to increasing the proportion of domestic goods. Responding to the program "Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods" under the direction of the Prime Minister in order to develop domestic production, reduce importing deficit, and contribute to solving jobs and economic development of each region, many businesses push up the strategy of increasing localization in the production procedure, including businesses in the transport industry. According to "Survey of the status of production and business activities of Japanese enterprises in Vietnam" published by Japanese Trade Promotion Organization in early March, the localization rate of Vietnam in 2018 reached 36.3%. In the period 2008-2018, this ratio tends to increase and exceeds Malaysia for the first time.

Businesses in the transport industry do not stay outside

Ngo Thinh Duc- Chairman of Vietnamese Road and Bridge Science and Technology Association - Former Deputy Minister of Transport, said that in the long term, the main materials for traffic works, especially products for bridges such as prestressing PC strands, anchors, bridge bearings, and expansion joints must be imported products. This leads to high product costs, long importing times, facing product quality problems and project progress as well as the effectiveness of the Works.

In recent years, material manufacturing enterprises supplying to road and bridge construction have started investing seriously to localize in production processes. In addition to supplying domestic projects, several of them have exported into the international market.

Among enterprises, there is Hoa Phat Group building a factory manufacturing prestressed steel bar (PC bar), prestressed PC Strand and prestressed steel wire (PC Wire) ... with modern assembling lines and equipment, used in large-scale projects that require high technique, load-bearing capacity and high safety.

Vinh Hung Trading, Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company (Vinh Hung) is also one of the prominent enterprises specialized in transportation has launched the "Made in Vietnam" expansion joint products to market since 2014. Having passed the stipulations on product quality at large projects, products manufactured by Vinh Hung are used in projects requiring high technical level.

Cao tốc Bến Lức - Long Thành là một trong những dự án tiêu biểu sử dụng gối cầu và khe co giãn trong nước do Vĩnh Hưng sản xuất.

According to Mr. Duc, the investment in technology transfer or joint venture with foreign investors on the production of construction materials in Vietnam is an indispensable trend.

"The actual implementation of projects in the Vietnamese market proves that, a number of units producing bridge bearings, domestic expansion joints products are high quality and perfection which are not inferior to those produced at advanced countries such as Korea and Japan ... but prices are competitive ", he said.

Competitive advantages

As one of the leading units in supplying products and technology solutions for construction of transport and industrial projects, in the recent time, Vinhhung JSC has endeavored its products.

In order to have domestic products, Vinhhung JSC has established Vinh Hung Investment and Production Company Limited (Vinh Hung IP) with a factory of more than 15,000m2 in Pho Noi B textile and garment industrial zone. (My Hao town, Hung Yen province). The key products are bridge bearings; expansion joints; noise barrier walls; post-tensioning anchors; hand-rail; solar battery shelf.

Nhà máy Vĩnh Hưng IP được đầu tư quy mô và đồng bộ. Xem thêm tại website.

Vo Ta Luong, General Director of the Company said that the factory has a quality management system that meets ISO 9001: 2015 certified by Bureau Veritas and is in the process of building a environmental management system conforming to ISO 14001: 2015 standards.

“The factory of Vinh Hung is established with an orientation to replace imported products and tend to export to the world market. We commit to put the quality of products and services first," Mr. Luong said.

Products of enterprises overcome the disadvantages of previous materials of depending on imported sources, competitive prices, product quality is ensured by modern production line. Product supply time is shortened. As a result, works costs will be saved and project investment efficiency will be increased.

Besides, Vinh Hung IP has also researched to improve features suitable for weather, climate and actual exploitation in Vietnam market. At each project, Vinhhung provides technical support, instructions for installation, warranty and maintenance.

Therefore, Vinh Hung IP's products are highly evaluated by contractors and construction units. Now, Vinhhung products are present in over 36 provinces and cities nationwide and exported to several foreign countries. National key projects use Vinhhung’s products such as Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway project, Thanh Tri traffic intersection - National road 5, Ben Luc - Long Thanh highway, and Trung Luong - Mỹ Thuận highway, Bạch Đằng bridge ...

"Bridge bearings of Vinh Hung IP's have passed the rigorous testing procedures and are used in Nhon - Hanoi Railway Station. Through actual use, Vinhhung products are evaluated good quality equivalent to the imported ones but the price is more competitive, the supply progress is shortened”, said Nguyen Hoang Cuong - Head of Quality Management Company Dealim Industrial Co., Ltd.

The investment in a modern factory to replace imported goods, improve the competitiveness of domestic goods is an inevitable trend in Vietnam's international economic integration process. Vinh Hung IP is gradually implementing the mission of bringing Vietnamese products into transport works all over the the country

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