Leader Talk 02 – Quyết tâm tăng tốc về đích đúng hẹn - Vinh Hung JSC



06/08/2018 12:01:33
In the morning of August 4, 1818, Vinh Hung hosted Leader talk program No. 02 with the theme "Accelerate to the destination".

The program has the participation of the Board of Directors and more than 100 employees of HQ and online video conference connection with Ho Chi Minh Branch, Da Nang Office and Vinh Hung IP, Hung Yen.

2018 is identified as the year of priority - marking the transformation of Vinh Hung towards long-term development goals. The first half of 2018 has gone through a lot of efforts and efforts of all employees of Vinh Hung, but the remaining half of the road still has many challenges and difficulties to overcome to complete all goals. That is also the reason that Leader Talk 02 selected the topic "Accelerate to the destination" with the desire to call for unity, joint efforts of the whole group heading towards overall year-end period.

Leader Talk is not only an opportunity for staffs at all levels to interact directly with leaders of the company but also for people to meet, exchange and look at the results achieving in the past. At the beginning of the program, Mr. Vo Ta Luong, General Director of the Company presented the achievements that the company has achieved in the past 6 months, the difficulties remain and the development orientation of the company in the coming time. Subsequently, Mr Luong also committed the long-term direction and sustainable development as well as the road map for internal human resources development in Vinh Hung.

After that, the program continued by following the most anticipated content - The Conversation and Q & A. In contrast to the previous Leader Talk, Mr Tran Duc Tien - Chairman of the Board not only answered the prepared questions but also frankly outlined the desire to receive interaction and the direct question from staff, this is based on the open sharing and the “respect individual” - one of Vinh Hung's core values of culture.

The conversation ended at 11:45 am on the same day, after more than 3 hours of serious and focused discussions, all the questions were answered by the Company's leaders. The end of the implementation of the 2018 plan has come, in order to strive to accomplish excellently the goals and tasks that were set out, it is necessary to promote the active spirit of all employees of Vinh Hung, that is the purpose Leader Talk Number 02 wishes to transmit. We believe that every individual in Vinh Hung has been understood and committed to promoting responsibility, creating a spirit of "accelerating" the accomplishment of the 2018 target.

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