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06/08/2018 14:15:53
National Highway No.61, section passing through Kien Giang province, must be repaired and due to severe damage caused by the storm No. 3

Images of heavily damaged locations need to be repaired on Highway No.61 section passing through Kien Giang province

On April 5th , the Department of Road Safety IV - Vietnam Road Administration announced that they provided more than 4 billion VND to urgently repair the National Highway 61, section passing through Kien Giang province due to severe damage due caused by storm no. 3.

According to Nguyen Van Thanh, deputy director of the Department of Road Safety IV, the third storm has caused rain on a large area, created damage to many roads in the Mekong Delta such as National Highway No.61,National Highway No.63,  National Highway 80 ... Kien Giang province, in particular has suffered the serious  degradation and storm-based damage has made people's participation in traffic difficult, dangerous to circulate, it is also the reason of potential traffic accident. The people living on both sides of the road are heavily polluted.

Therefore, the Department of Road Safety IV, in collaboration with the local authorities to conduct surveys of the damaged areas and assess the damage caused by the storm on the National Highway 61 beginning from mid-July 2018. According to the survey, many sections of NH61 are severely damaged starting from Km 53 (area of Cai Tu bridge in Hau Giang province) to the end of Km 96+ 300 (running through Go Quao district, Minh Luong, Chau Thanh, Kien Giang Province) with a length of estimated 43 kms.

Initially assessing the damage level and prepare a report of maintenance and repair for step 1 (2018) with the amount of 4 billion from the capital of Central Maintenance Fund . At present, the bidding has been held and will be carried out from 15th to 15th of October.

The Department of Road Safety IV will closely follow and inspect the repair and maintenance contractor according to the contents and schedule. The Department  will consider the application of materials such as cement concrete, plastic, stone that are suitable for the weather: At the same time, saving money and improving the best quality in the rainy season, not to occur the situation malfunction after the repair as in previous years.

The NH63 (passing through An Bien district, Vinh Thuan district), NH 80 (passing through Rach Gia, Hon Dat, Kien Luong, Ha Tien) is seriously degraded. However, the Ministry of Transport has been assigned the two routes to the Department of Transport of Kien Giang province, so the Department of Road Safety IV is not responsible for maintenance, repair, but the Department Of Road Safety IV still coordinates the inspection and supervision, provides technical support when needed.

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