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17/08/2018 17:11:20
The short-term success or failure of a company is measured by business performance, system and resources but the long-term growth in the future depends primarily on strategy.

Competitive practices have shown that, there will be opportunities in risks and vice verse, therefore the development of business strategy for enterprises is very necessary because it helps them to seize the chances and also to realize risks. It helps enterprises to exploit the resources and to promote the strength of the business.

Facing the practical needs of building a strategy and business plan in 2018, Vinhhung organized a workshop on "Building business strategy" for 25 sales executives and other key personnel on 27 and 27 November 2017 at the head office, trained by the Director General Vo Ta Luong.

The training course aims to equip the Sales Dept with a methodology to develop a business strategy in 2018 and specific implementation plans.

From the analysis of the external environment (SLEPT, M + 3C), internal environment analysis (value chain), cross-SWOT analysis, the Business Department has a basic orientation to choose the business strategy for each SBU in 2018. The Lanchester, Philip Kotler theories, Ansoff's Analytical Growth Strategy ... were analyzed and exchanged to provide additional information to the Sales Unit during the strategy selection process.

In the context of current information, this knowledge is not entirely new, but the workshop still attracts high concentration and positive discussion from the working groups by the SWOT analysis method. 4P marketing strategy, 5W + 1H + 2C planning tools ... are great applications when developing and implementing business strategies.

This is not the first time the Company's leader has been the direct trainer, however, at this seminar, learners can be systematized the basic knowledge, while access to new knowledge with the realistic theme. The workshop content is fresh but very practical and useful.

The course is closed but its resonance will last forever. Participants have been equipped with valuable lessons and expertise for action in the coming time. Greater than any value, the seminar left deep impressions for each practitioner: admiration, appreciation to the young director of talent, full of enthusiasm. From the doctrines to practical exercises taught by skillful lecturers to create the atmosphere of exchange, debate and it is the attraction for the workshop. As the initial goal is "after the workshop, participants can apply immediately to the work", the training course is not too heavy in theoretical exchange but it emphasizes the practice throughout the duration of 02 days. After the training course, all the students were satisfied: "For me, the content of theory and practice is very impressive", "all the training content can be applied immediately" “I know more practical knowledge after the workshop"...They are the feedbacks of the attenders.

It can be said that "Building a business strategy" is one of the most successful workshop ever. Hopefully, with the value brought by the program, the knowledge that learners are equipped with and shared, the Sales Department will have a breakthrough in its business strategy in 2018.

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