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27/09/2018 14:53:45
After a short time of launching the program supporting the construction of the school for children in Ngu Cach village- Niem Son - Meo Vac - Ha Giang, we have received the high support from the Directors Board and staffs of the whole Company.

Despite of multiple difficult roads, up and down passes of a long distance of 600 km, the group of 10 staffs reached Ha Giang at 5:00 am on September 14th for the charitable program. A new school had been completed which was the result and the combination of our Vinh Hung JSC and Buddhism Today - Hanoi for the children in highland area in Ha Giang.

The school appears humble, adjacent to the edge of the forest with waterfalls around, but it becomes an ideal place for the poor children who have to overcome from 3-5 kilometers to reach to the temporary classrooms everyday. The new school would be a safe place to protect them from the sunshine as well as the coldness of the mountain in the coming wet and cold season. 

With a two-day sleepless journey, we do not feel exhausted because of the warm welcome of the poor village and the children with their eyes filled with joy and excitement. We really understand the difficulties here, both the material and spiritual lacks. Obviously, our charitable path doesn’t end here, but shall be longer and more disseminated because “Offering means receiving

Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the enthusiastic support from all our colleagues who have been co-operating in the construction of school for children in of ​​Ngu Cach village- Niem Son - Meo Vac - Ha Giang.

Some images taken from the journey .

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