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Thanks from the Board of Directors for the charity program

23/04/2020 16:25:12
Dear our colleagues, friends, partners and customers!

We’ve just gone over a way that to most of us is the first experience ever in our life. The Covid-19 pandemic, a global health disaster, placed humanity in the situation of the biggest problem in the last 70 years, causing us a panic, anxiety, even fear and negative reactions in society in the early days. In this context, once again, life has found a solution in the way that until now, just looking back, each of our Vietnamese feels happy and proud of the way that Vietnamese people, in which each of us has acted, combined and shared. And now, Vietnam has become a global bright spot in the Covid-19 disaster prevention work. Stable society, every individual feels secured and knows what to do to continue coping with and living safely in epidemic.

With all sincerity, gratitude and pride, we would like to send to Vinh Hung's employees, relatives, friends, partners and customers, for your solidarity, sharing, encouragement and contributions of all in the recent difficult days for the charity program "Accompanying with Happiness Supermarket 0 VND" taken place successfully on April 21, 2020. It is a series of fundraising activities, the preparation work of the Organization team, logistics and volunteer groups who have devoted themselves to giving our 1,000 gifts to people in need affected by COVID-19. This is both a material help and a valuable spiritual value, helping each member of Vinh Hung be more stable and optimistic in pandemic time. It is also an evidence to the belief in humanity, about the community values ​​that we sometimes thought it had faded away a little.

Thank you once again to all of you, for your efforts, sharing in the love way and we do believe that, though we would face difficulties ahead, we will together overcome and Vietnam would win again.

Sincerely thanks.