Dự án sửa chữa mặt cầu Thăng Long giai đoạn 2 - Gói thầ - Vinh Hung JSC

Transportation projects

Thang Long Bridge Deck Repair Project Phase 2 - Contract package no. 6: Provide and replace expansion joints for Thang Long bridge deck

Construction subcontractor Vinh Hung Trading, Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company
Project location Hanoi
Total area
Total investment 97 billion VND
Investor Project Management Board No. 2
Main contractor Vinh Hung Trading, Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company
Vinh Hung supplies product Expansion joints

Description project

On 21/5/2012, the People's Committee of Hanoi has released dispatch No. 3768/UBND-QHXDGT sent to the Ministry of Transport proposing damage repair for surface of bridge Thang Long at the section for cars. Accordingly, in the process of exploitation since the repair in late 2009, many damages and cracks has appeared in Thang Long bridge causing difficulties for vehicles and affecting traffic safety. Therefore, the People's Committee of the city suggested the Ministry of Transport to direct the relevant agencies to repair the damage, ensure smooth, long life of the project. Thang Long Bridge Repair Project was invested by the Project Management Unit No.2 (Ministry of Transport), with a total investment of 97 billion VND, applying new technology and using imported materials. For the implementation of the project, the Government has provided pontoon bridge to ensure normal traffic in the area. The project started on 23/10/2009, put into use from 23/12/2009, exceeded the schedule more than a month. However, after only a few months of use, damages and cracks continuously appeared on the bridge surface, and no solution could fully resolve the problem. Specifically, the entire asphalted concrete and Xlamor sphere was removed and replaced by new material with equivalent thickness; the deck coating layer was refurbished at steel framed span within the motor lane and damaged expansion joints were replaced by the new ones. Construction work ran 24h/24h in about 3 months. Constructors are Vinh Hung Joint Stock Company and Bao Quan Joint Stock Company.