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28/09/2018 15:58:05
On 28 September, the training course " Skills of composing and negotiating contracts " for the new staff of the company was held in Vinhung IP.

Apart from targeting to strengthen and equip legal knowledge, the legality of the contract to compose an appropriate and rigid commercial contract in accordance with the currently applicable law, the training program helps providing skills needed in negotiating, understanding the importance of preparation steps for a successful negotiation.

Different from other training programs with the same topic of the previous courses, the two trainers this course are invited from the Directors Board and the Administration and Human Recourse Department. Being the internal trainers, they fully understand issues inside each department so as to give the most adequate lectures and orientations to the learners.

Not only theoretical, situational exercises are integrated into group practice which have attracted discussions from the other individuals and groups.

Although the training time limited only one day, the learners feel quite satisfied with the program. The training course that either provides knowledge of contract law for each specific type of contract in Vinh Hung, or gives the methodology on which the trainees can assess the advantages as well as his disadvantage, to achieve theirs purposes in negotiations but still satisfy the partners. This is a very important skill in business, especially for big projects with complex contract terms.

Some images taken from the training course:

The module Skills of negotiating contracts is trained by Mr. Vo Ta Luong - General Director

The module Skills of composing contracts is trained by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuong - Head of HR department

The presentation of the teams

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