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10/07/2018 15:09:57
In the afternoon of July 2, Mrs. Bui Thanh Hang - Deputy Director of Viet An Company had a talk about the implementation of 5S and Kaizen for the Managers of Vinh Hung JSC at the head office

Viet An is specialized in producing electric wire used in motorcycles and automobiles. 100% orders for Japanese partners (domestic and export) with the scale of around 260 workers. Being a typical example of production management, Viet An is highly appreciated by JICA organization (Japanese government) and other businesses visiting and learning.

Mr. Vo Ta Luong - General Director of Vinh Hung JSC used to visit and exchange with Viet An and other 8 companies in Japan and among them Viet An is evaluated as the best unit for 5S and Kaizen. In Viet An, the role of 5S and Kaizen in the development for the company is very clear. He personally appreciates this model and consider it the sustainable development and worthy to learn.

In fact, Vinh Hung JSC has organized training and practice 5S,however, the performance is still ineffective. At the VHIP factory, the implementation has not been planned clearly and thoroughly

That’s the reason why Vinh Hung Leaders invited Ms. Bui Thanh Hang - Deputy Director of Viet An Company to share the process of Viet An to implement 5S and Kaizen to contribute enhancing awareness as well as receiving valuable experience in applying and deploying 5S and Kaizen in Vinh Hung.

The exchange was taken play in a warm, open atmosphere with useful information including: Introduction of 5S and Kaizen, sharing experiences from the practical implementation in Viet An, sharing the views on issues of Vinh Hung and some related Q-A.

Before that, Mrs. Hang also spent time visiting departments and pointed out some practical images of Vinh Hung which can be applied right in the exchange. She also assessed that Vinh Hung has advantageous premise to implement 5S and Kaizen. The implementation should be identified from the Administrative Departments and then to the Factory and it is necessary to set up 5S teams to plan, execute and monitor the implementation process accordingly.

To end up the program, Mr. Tran Duc Tien - Chairman of BOD delivered his deep thanks to Mrs. Bui Thanh Hang for coming to Vinhhung office to share her precious experience of effective implementation of 5S. He also hoped that the 5S team of Vinh Hung will take a visit and practical exchange in Viet An in the shortest time.

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